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A person at your disposal to support you during your holiday.
We will help you to choose the best offers available in Tenerife by suggesting the best restaurants, nightlife, beaches, services, trips, and much more.


Your personal guide will stay in constant contact with you. We are residents with extensive personal and professional experience about how to enjoy the best of Tenerife.


By the chat on-line, with your mobile-phone, tablet or PC, your guide will be in constant contact with you either. You will therefore have complete privacy during your stay and at the same time have the security of knowing that your guide is always available to you.


We look after our customers, speak many languages and we take our work very seriously. We have an eye for detail and we like quality in everything. These are the reasons why we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


What does this service cost? Nothing.
If you are pleased with our services, there will be an opportunity for you to write your comments on our social network and/or to contribute by making a donation to help us to continue with this project.

About us

We are residents people specialized with experience
Our mission is to ensure that your holidays will be a complete success!

We are a team of people who live in Tenerife for many years ago. Some of us even was born here. We know all the corners, local customs, tourist and residential areas of Tenerife. We know the best restaurants becouse they are also what we choose for ourselves. We choose the best options to maximize the value/price relation. Only in a special occasions avoid touristy sites and services, in any case we choose the best.
We like to help people, we want to keep things running well and we wish that our visitors leave with good memories.
Through "My Holiday Tenerife" platform we offer you our professionalism and passion to those who need it.
For the duration of your stay someone constantly will be at your disposal to support you, suggest you and work for you. Your vacation will be a complete success.


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The service we provide is totally free.
However we accept voluntary donations, this will help us to pay the costs and go on with this project.
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